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SeaTac is the jewel of King County, Washington, and a city with a very curious name. The name SeaTac is a combination of the first three letters of two neighboring cities. The fused name was simple, self-explanatory and easy to remember. And much catchier than the original name AttleComa. We kid about SeaTac because we’ve been living and working here forever. We are SeaTac Garage Doors, and we’re proud to be a part of the rapidly expanding city of SeaTac.

24 Hour Garage Door RepairSeaTac Garage Doors can fix any garage door issue you may be having, and we can do any service you may need to keep your entire garage door system on the up and up. We are here to save you time in the most cost effective way possible. Our trained professional technicians will bring ease too any of your problematic garage door challenges! Our aim is to bring you safety and comfort at home where all your choices truly matter because your home is supposed to be your sanctuary. We all want the best for our families and homes, so the choice is quite simple peace of mind. SeaTac Garage Doors is here for you 24hours a day open 7 days a week so let us know how we can best assist you? We will send a technician out to you, to remedy the situation because, after all, our customers are paramount to the success of SeaTac Garage Doors! We take pride in your satisfaction.

Peace Of Mind 24 Hours A Day – 365 Day A Year

SeaTac Garage Doors is the only full-service, LOCALLY-BASED garage door company in the area to offer around-the-clock service, so we get asked all the time: how do you guys stay awake 24 hours a day??? People want to know… do we take no-doze goofballs? NO! Do we use toothpicks to support our eyelids? NO! Do we play Justin Beiber songs really loud all night long to stay awake?

NO,NO,NO! Our trade secret is “twins.” SeaTac Garage Doors only hires qualified garage door technicians with at least 5 years of experience – and they must each have a twin brother who also is a seasoned professional garage door repairman. The concept is so simple that it’s perfect!

While one technician is fixing some garage door problem for one of our valued customers, his twin brother is sleeping. Then they switch places. So you can plainly see, at anytime of day or night, you have at your disposal a top-notch garage door technician from SeaTac Garage Doors.

SeaTac Garage Doors’ pros know their way around a garage. They are experts in both garage doors and garage door openers; experts in both installation and repair; and experts in both routine maintenance and emergency service.

Our “Twin Service” Makes Us Twice As Good

SeaTac Garage DoorsBack to our proprietary system of Twin Techs… all of the talented technicians who work for SeaTac Garage Doors carry with them all the tools of the trade, and every standard replacement part, so you’ll never have to wait, and it doesn’t matter which twin you get. All of our guys are trained to see the big picture, because your garage door system is like a giant Swiss movement watch, and the whole system has to be in balance to work efficiently. So, SeaTac Garage Doors’ technicians are multi-faceted, able to perform any garage door repair, do the service the same day, and even haul away your old garage door. No job is too big – or too small – for the pros at SeaTac Garage Doors.

Okay, we may not only hire twins, but SeaTac Garage Doors is still committed to serving you.

SeaTac Garage Doors

SeaTac Garage Doors Satisfaction Guarantee

SeaTac Garage Doors has decided, in our never ending pursuit of customer satisfaction, to offer a satisfaction guarantee on all garage door repairs.

SeaTac Garage Doors

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