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Ever wondered what that part was in your garage door with all the coils was? That is what we call a garage door spring. The garage door spring is essential and helps the garage door run smoothly whenever opening or closing the garage door. Look at the garage door springs this way: they are like the ball bearings on your car – they’re small and seemingly insignificant, but your car can’t run without them. Actually, your garage door springs are the “muscle” of your garage door system because they do most of the heavy lifting. You need to gain access to your garage and you need to have a working garage door.

The Lord of the Spring

SeaTac Same Day Garage Door Spring RepairSeaTac Garage Door Springs have been around for more than 20 years, providing services all over the state. We do it all for garage door springs, from repairs to maintenance and even converted installations. If you were concerned about whom you’re entrusting your garage door to, don’t worry, we will take care of you and your garage door. We specialize in repairs as well as maintenance on any type of garage door springs. We focus on both commercial garage doors and residential garage doors. If you are unsure of what the issue may be with your garage door, it may just be your garage door springs. But just to be safe, call SeaTac Garage Door Springs so that we may send a garage door spring specialist to assess your damage. It is highly recommended to have a professional garage door technician inspect and adjust your garage door springs, because many people have injured themselves in the process of replacing their own garage door springs. You wonder, how can I hurt myself replacing a simple broken garage door spring? This is why: your garage door springs has been compressed for some time, creating an immense amount of tension within the coils. As soon as the garage door springs snap, it will be a challenge removing and replacing the garage door spring, increasing the chances of the garage door spring causing bodily harm, so again, we strongly recommend you reach out to a garage door spring technician.

Same Day Spring Repair from $29!

Starting at only $29, we would be happy to provide a house call to revise any damages done to your garage door and garage door springs. For a price none of our competitors can beat, and with a 24-hour schedule that nobody else can match, be sure to call SeaTac Garage Door Springs at the first sign of trouble with your springs. The longer you wait, the greater the chance that your broken garage door spring will cause additional damage and possibly serious injury. We promise to work around the clock to provide both emergency and non-emergency service calls! Are you curious if we complete the service the same day? Good news! We definitely do! So give us a call today to receive your free garage door spring estimate over the phone. and we will either replace or repair it that same day! You won’t regret it!

SeaTac Garage Door Springs

SeaTac Garage Door Springs Satisfaction Guarantee

SeaTac Garage Door Springs has decided, in our never ending pursuit of customer satisfaction, to offer a satisfaction guarantee on all garage door spring repairs.

SeaTac Garage Door Springs

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